Wednesday, October 23, 2013

                                   TRAPPED IN MY SKIN

Have you ever felt trapped inside your body? I mean the sensation of being more than what your body feels or thinks or reacts.  Who are you? Think about it for a few seconds. 
Are you your skin? your background? your career? your profession? your gender? your religion? your beliefs? your choices?
Who am I?
It has been one of the deepest and most secure way to go beyond what we belief into the unknown path of self-discovery.
Yes, that is right! Self discovery is not about finding out your personality. That fact you are already pretty attach to it. I refer to the concept of the Self that we are not aware of. That hidden being inside ourselves that shouts emotions when we are frightened, or locks our thoughts in a circle of darkness when we don't see a way out of a situation. Yes, that inner part of ourselves that is so close to us and yet so far of being understood.
The frog in the picture above does not question who is under her skin. Us, on the other hand, have the biological neural structure to question those types of declarations thanks to our frontal cortex.

Beyond our appearances, accomplishments and titles, lies a soul who marks what type of experiences do we need to endure in order to awake to the true reality of Earth School.
If you have not asked yourself yet, I wonder, what does your soul feels like today?

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

The art of happiness - Matthieu Ricard

The difficult time of saying good bye

He was only 15 when life departed from his young body. His ancient soul probably knew. But his friends and family on earth did not know that; before a blink of an eye, he was gone.
Emotions storm through your chest as you remember his life, his smile, his way of making jokes in classroom. His style. Like a sharp knife stuck somewhere between your lungs, you feel your own life shaking. "It is not fair", you think, and tears crowd your  eyes.
Gone too soon. All children are always gone too soon, I think.
For those of us left behind, here on planet Earth, here are some words that I hope find a nest in your heart to consider.
Our life on Earth is a journey, and each of us has a unique pattern of soul growth beyond what our mind can comprehend. Only the soul knows, but we don't remember from the soul and the spirit until we are liberated from our bodies.
Physical death is just leaving behind the container- the body- when it cannot maintain within the spirit any longer. It never means that the soul, the spirit, the mental or astral bodies are gone too. Only the physical and lower body is gone. But that is only matter or material substance. What gives life to a body is its spirit. And the spirit never dies, because they are eternal.
We are trapped into our bodies, meaning that after being born and as we grow up we don't remember who we truly are, where we come from and what is our mission while on earth.
That is where the journey starts: to rediscover what can we do with what we have, while we are here, with what we know.
That young boy will be greatly missed, but his life was at its fullest with the time he had, while he was here, with what he knew.
His life should inspire us. He will live  within us forever.
The spirit always leaves a footprint of its beautiful essence in everything and everybody he/she meets while on its journey  through life.
This young teenager is gone, but his journey remains with us inspiring a new dimension of what life is about: being the best that we can be with what we have,with what we know,with what we feel.
Let your tears run. If you need to cry, do it. If you miss him, say it. If you need to talk, open your heart and mind.
Someone once said that emotions are just like waves: you cannot stop them, but you can chose which one to ride.
Part of our journey in life is to learn about our own emotions, our fears, our insecurities, our thoughts.

He gave us a gift with his presence on earth. 
Let's live today not taking nothing for granted, to express our love and friendship, not to hold animosity for something that will not matter in a few years.
Let's live today to the best that we can be.