Wednesday, October 23, 2013

                                   TRAPPED IN MY SKIN

Have you ever felt trapped inside your body? I mean the sensation of being more than what your body feels or thinks or reacts.  Who are you? Think about it for a few seconds. 
Are you your skin? your background? your career? your profession? your gender? your religion? your beliefs? your choices?
Who am I?
It has been one of the deepest and most secure way to go beyond what we belief into the unknown path of self-discovery.
Yes, that is right! Self discovery is not about finding out your personality. That fact you are already pretty attach to it. I refer to the concept of the Self that we are not aware of. That hidden being inside ourselves that shouts emotions when we are frightened, or locks our thoughts in a circle of darkness when we don't see a way out of a situation. Yes, that inner part of ourselves that is so close to us and yet so far of being understood.
The frog in the picture above does not question who is under her skin. Us, on the other hand, have the biological neural structure to question those types of declarations thanks to our frontal cortex.

Beyond our appearances, accomplishments and titles, lies a soul who marks what type of experiences do we need to endure in order to awake to the true reality of Earth School.
If you have not asked yourself yet, I wonder, what does your soul feels like today?

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